Most Influential [X Factor USA] Music

#6. Melanie Amaro

#6. Melanie Amaro 2014-05-20

Best Performance: “Listen”

Persuaded by her mother to audition for The X Factor USA, Melanie Amaro performed a Beyonce track and blew the roof off the stage. The performance even made Nicole & Paula tear up. Melanie’s powerful voice landed her in Cowell’s Girls category and was eliminated early during the competition.

But Simon Cowell had surprised Melanie in her Florida home declaring her a contestant once again. Melanie went on to compete in the finals and eventually, secured the $5 million dollar recording contract. Melanie fought hard throughout the X Factor journey and deserved the recording contract.

Amaro appeared in a Pepsi commercial, which aired during Super Bowl XLVI on NBC. Melanie was scheduled to release her debut album ‘Truly’ in 2013, but it never happened. Sources confirmed that there are issues between Epic Records and Melanie Amaro.

Maybe Epic Records believe that Melanie Amaro’s moment wasn’t in 2012 or 2013, maybe her moment is on the verge.

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