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Facebook’s New Privacy & Sharing Policies

Facebook’s New Privacy & Sharing Policies 2014-05-22

SAN FRANCISCO — Since the start of Facebook, the social networking site has been hard at work trying to enhance its sharing features. Although this is the obvious path a social site would take, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has other plans. Say hello to Facebook’s new ‘less-sharing’ plans.

On Thursday, Facebook announced that it was going to change the way its 1.28 billion users share their content. The plan would be to share less and give its users more privacy. Privacy is something that Facebook has been struggling since the recent government outbreak.

Basically, Facebook’s privacy policy switches the sharing feature on user’s profiles, from ‘Everyone’ to only your ‘friends’. This will give Facebook a chance focus on its core user base. New and old users will now be advised to make their posts only visible to their friends and not anyone in the world.

“They’ve realized that if they want to continue to be successful, they have to focus on the user experience, and they’ve realized that users want some level of privacy,” said Shyam Patil, a VP at Wedbush Equity Research.

In recent months, Privacy issues have been the talk of the internet. Internet giants like Google, Facebook & Twitter, have all been victims to government involvement with their users privacy. These government scandals lead to a drop in Facebook users and a controversial story that won’t seem to go away.

According to IStrategyLabs, their new report found that Facebook suffered a 25.3% drop in the last 3 years. The analysis showed 3 million fewer users ages 13 to 17, even as the number of older users ballooned. Facebook had stated that it needed to gain its trust from its users in order to be able to sell ads.