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New York Declares War On Rats

New York Declares War On Rats 2014-06-03

NEW YORK — The big apple has been widely known for its notorious problem with rats. Rats are everywhere! From subways, to schools and even parks, rats rule the big apple. The rat infestation has now turned into what most call an ‘epidemic’.

It is even estimated that there are potentially more rats than humans in the city of New York. So what could be the solution to this scary problem? New York City has proposed budgeting $611,000 on a new program to target ‘rat reservoirs’.

The budget is set to focus on areas of Manhattan and Bronx.

“This is about more than just aesthetics,” said City Councilman Mark D. Levine. Mark proposed at a hearing this month with health officials about reducing the rat infestation.

“We’ve had rats that are going into cars and eating out electrical cables. We have rats that are entering homes,” Levine said.

Talks about the rat issue, has taken a toll on social media, as people are expressing their views on the epidemic.