North Korea To Put American On Trial

North Korea To Put American On Trial 2014-06-07

PYONGYANG — State-run news agency KCN has reported that one of the American detainees in North Korea will go to trial.

North Korea will put Matthew Miller to trial over charges of tearing up his visa and demanding asylum. Matthew is from California and is one of the three Americans who have been detained by North Korean officials.

Miller describes his ordeal as “very urgent” and calls on the US government for help. Miller stated that he is unclear what his charges will be. This comes after American detainees Kenneth Bae and Jeffrey Fowle were also arrested and put into hard labor.

Family members of the detainees are worried and fear that something dangerous might happen to their loved one.

Fowle, who visited North Korea in late April, was detained in May for leaving behind a bible in his hotel room.