Should Atheism Be Illegal In America?

(Weekly) — First off, there is a growing problem here in the states. The name of this problem is known as “Atheism”. Its known to be unhealthy for the individual who believes in it.

For starters, being an ‘atheist’, is a sin. Believing in god(s) is natural human psychological behavior. It doesn’t matter what type of god you worship, whether it’s an idol (Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Lebron James, Gordon Ramsay…etc.), or spiritual.

Most societies have believed in some sort of deity and even in ancient times. This doesn’t mean that Atheism isn’t unconstitutional. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion.

Take a look at that coin in your pocket and see Who we trust in.

Atheism is a huge sin that is respectively, compared to other sins like murder, rape and theft. Although it is wrong for the U.S. to allow Atheism, people who are atheists, have corrupted minds or ‘misguided’ minds.

According to 10 years of research, most atheists choose not to go to college. On top of that, there a significant number of notable Christians who have chosen the opposite path from an atheist: Marilyn Monroe George W. Bush, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, and a large portion of republicans. If we switch teams here, notable atheists can be constantly found in prisons, night clubs…etc.

Osama Bin Laden, Edward Snowden, Saddam Hussein, Julian, Assange, Adolf Hitler, the man who murdered Hitler…etc. While these statistics are significant, we do think that atheism should be banned in the U.S. Death penalty is common in some countries, but that shouldn’t be necessary here in the United States.

The biggest fact is that children influenced by atheism are turning them to drugs, homosexuality and other Godless behavior. There are more severe problems in this world, but one problem that is deteriorating and can cause the U.S. to flip over, is atheism. The movement to make Atheism illegal in America should begin as soon as possible.


Written by Danny Rogers

  • Bonerman

    I literally have no idea what I just read

  • jorgio

    FOX, you’ve done it again, well DONE (CLAPS HAND SLOWLY..)

    • Mark Moore

      Maybe you shouldn’t try to trade on the name.

      • William Barnes

        also so glad we have bad writers on this, who are associated with fox, who we can contrast to true talent. otherwise we might not know the difference! (Danny’s career=over)

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    • O rly

      hint for internet illiterates. say the 8 out loud. just like when you 8 that apple.

  • O rly

    so whatever about the nonsense content. what i want to know?
    who wins in the team cage match!
    “Marilyn Monroe George W. Bush, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi”
    “Osama Bin Laden, Edward Snowden, Saddam Hussein, Julian, Assange, Adolf Hitler”

    and since most of the contestant are dead via time,
    the contest will be of julian assange and edward snowden vs george w

    you see this was what he was really tring to express.
    that no matter what you believe we can all enjoy watching edward snowden and julian assange kick the crap out of george w bush

  • LoudGuitr

    Is this article a joke? The grammar and syntax are horrendous and the content is laughable.

  • Loftyz

    “According to 10 years of research” isn’t good enough. Without mentioning the actual name of the study, there’s no reason to trust the information that you claim comes from those ‘studies’.
    In any case, I’m inclined to believe that you haven’t read any studies, otherwise, you’d know the total prison population isn’t even close to 1%.

    “Take a look at that coin in your pocket and see Who we trust in.”
    Take a look at Hitler’s belt buckle and see Who he trusted in.
    Or better yet, take a look at a 70 year old coin.

    Disappointing journalism to be honest. If the standards at Foxweekly are this low, I feel like I’d have a better shot at writing articles.

  • littlesgtpepper

    *in best Oprah voice*
    YOU get a comma splice, and YOU get a comma splice! And FRAGMENTS! Everyone gets a fragment and a run-on sentence! … “The biggest fact is that children influenced by atheism are turning them to drugs, ” what is this sentence even?

    And “the man who killed Hitler…etc”. Do you mean “Hitler”? Since he killed…himself?
    “Take a look at that coin in your pocket and see Who we trust in.” Only since 1957 at the earliest.
    Do you even research?

    I don’t know at what “city newspaper” this author claims to have worked , but I can only assume that the only thing he wrote was the classifieds. I have middle school essays that are written better than this “article”.

    • DeathPanelTruck

      “In God We Trust” first appeared on the 1864 U.S. two-cent coin. The motto has been in continuous use on the one-cent coin since 1909, and on the ten-cent coin since 1916. It also has appeared on all gold coins and silver dollar coins, half-dollar coins, and quarter-dollar coins struck since July 1, 1908. It should be removed, but that’ll never happen.

      • Ray Campbell

        Because digital money is taking over and removal of the phrase from coins would be rather redundant. They can have their appeals to popularity though, let them eat cake.

  • JusAin

    Danny, please go back to writing about Top 10 Most Influential X Factor USA Contestants. You are clearly out of your depth as far as matters of faith in the U.S. go. You have glaring problems with your ‘facts’, the most laughable one being our atheist prison population (or the extreme lack thereof, please see The BOP statistics of atheists in prison is estimated to be 0.07%).

    Beyond this your ideas are half-baked and unrealistic. How would you make atheism illegal without destroying the 1st amendment – the part about free speech? You are seriously advocating for the prosecution of thought crime in the United States. This is sickening. If you don’t value freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of association, I recommend relocation to the pro-faith, anti-atheist kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They actually jail atheists there.

    You didn’t bother to source your facts and you have no realistic scenario where the changes you want would be implemented in the U.S. Danny, why did you waste your time writing this article?

  • Dean

    Sin is an imaginary disease to sell people an imaginary cure.

    • SiMoebus

      All a sin is something that is morally wrong. The cure is in oneself, but some look to scriptures for additional support. Kind of like any self help book one can find.

      • Dean

        We know better now.

  • Dean

    Facts are facts. The country has not gotten better since the phrase “In God We Trust” was added too our currency. Quite the contrary, it has in fact gotten worse. Which always happens when God is forced on the public. Plus it makes Baby Jesus cry. :(

  • Dean


  • Tony A Aragon

    This is a real article? It can’t be. No one is this stupid. Right?? Ugh……

  • Eric

    Who let this ‘writer’ have a computer?

  • SiMoebus

    Atheism is not the problem. It is the individual who attempts to undermine society and community. This is irrelevant if they might be an Atheist, Christian, or something else.

  • Kelly Rowell

    As an atheist myself I cannot begin to explain how ridiculous this article is. For one I am about 2/3 of the way through my bachelors degree that I am paying for using the money I EARNED from the G.I. bill. I am not saying this makes me special or anything, but considering the fact that I am doing this on top of a full time job, paying for the majority of the household while my husband gets his debts and finances in order makes me anything but lazy. Anyways that’s not important here….

    Making atheism illegal is as silly as making the decision not to go to church illegal, and there are plenty of practicing christians who decide not to attend due to what is being said there. As long as no harm comes to others people should be able to believe or not believe in whatever they want. Even if someone chooses something to claim they believe in just to get others off their backs deep down it will never be sincere and all that is is lying, which is a sin in and of itself.

    I do understand that there are some atheists out there who are rude and insulting about the idea, and they are just as bad as the other people trying to shove religion down other people’s throats. Leave people alone to their own practices. As long as no one is getting hurt, why does it matter? What or how other people believe is quite frankly none of your business. Should people choose to flaunt it and make it obvious they should absolutely be at least open to the discussion of the possibility of other ideas. It is ok to agree to disagree on this kind of thing and live and let live.

    Also to the writer and person who published this page, as someone who is going to graphic design this is very sloppy work with many errors when it comes to apostrophes and all that. Please take more time to review and test your work before publishing. For one thing, it’ll at the very least save you some of the ridicule that this article has brought about.

    • William Barnes

      well spoken

  • Brad Mayeux

    For anyone curious…

    this site has nothing to do with FOX news.
    (NEITHER are actual news by the way)

    also, this “journalist” obviously hasnt finished high school english.


    He also talks about Justin Bieber as an “idol”
    Yet, this guy did a story a week ago on Biebers mustache
    Bieber certianly is no idol of mine, and i dont read stories about him
    much less write them.

    and by the way…
    Benji wasnt even a Christian…

    “Revealed religion has no weight with me.”
    – Benjamin Franklin

    “I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life I absented myself from Christian assemblies.”
    – Benjamin Franklin


    Uh… this is parody, right?

  • TheSkeptic99

    This article is too full of logical fallacies and downright errors to be of any real value. For starters, being an ‘atheist’, is a sin.” That is a religious assessment, not a realistic assessment. The next argument that “Most societies in the past believed in some sort of deity.” is both incorrect and irrelevant. All ancient societies believed in a deity. The “In God we Trust” motto, was not put on US coins until 1956 and replaced the original motto, “E. Pluribus Unum.” and is also irrelevant. Freedom of religion carries with it the freedom to be free from any religion. Read Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers about this. “According to ten years of research….” by whom, where is this research published and when was it published? This goes against all other evidence, All the research I have read points to the opposite. From an article in LIVING LIFE WITHOUT A NET

    “Still, there is plenty of evidence that atheism is predominately on the side of smart people in the West. Here are some of the more compelling pieces of evidence:

    There is a negative correlation between intelligence and religious belief across the board. In a review of 43 studies, religious belief was negatively correlated to intelligence in all but four. This is strong corroborative evidence that the correlation is valid. In a more recent study of children, there was a direct line correlation from “not religious at all” to “very religious,” in which IQ steadily rose with the degree of religious indifference. The simple fact is (at least in America) the smarter people tend to be less religious.

    Intellectual Elites are drastically more likely to be atheist. This bit of data is more to the point. It’s one thing to survey all Westerners for intelligence and god-belief, but as I mentioned earlier, there’s a problem with that. Not all very intelligent people have the academic training to reach fully justified atheism. But when we survey the people who do have such training, they’re overwhelmingly atheist. Only 7% of the American National Academy of Sciences reported god-belief in a survey from the 1990s. Only 3.3% of the Fellows of the Royal Society in Britain believe in god. This compared with a 68.5% theism rate in the general population.

    Decline of religious belief through childhood and adolescent development. It makes sense that if atheism is a more intelligent position, people would tend to abandon religion as cognitive development progresses. That is in fact the case. In both the U.S. and Britain, children tend to abandon god belief during the adolescent years when most of the higher cognitive functions are developing to their full adult potential. Similarly, it has been noted that children raised in high-education atheist homes very seldom convert to god-belief, while children raised in theist environments who subsequently receive higher education are relatively likely to abandon god-belief.

    Over the past 150 years, General Intelligence has increased overall, and god-belief has been in a relatively steady decline. This is a broad statement, and there are many confounding factors that might well throw a monkey wrench into the works, but the general trend is undeniable. Beginning in 1850, indicators of both religious belief and practice have been on a steady decline which is more or less inverse to the increase in general intelligence.”

    There is no direct correlation between atheism and homosexuality as it that is something bad. Much of the “Godless behavior.” the author seems to fear is not inherently bad, but only defined as bad from a specific religious viewpoint.

  • Raymond Lynch

    Danny Rogers is clearly on some fairly serious drugs. I’ve never seen such rambling nonsense completely devoid of factual comment. You should be ashamed to publish such drivel.

  • Stephanie Hall

    Was this taken from ‘The Onion’?

    • Cafeeine

      Nah. The Onion is funny satire that actually knows what its talking about.

  • Chris Ayers

    I firmly believe that each of us is entitled to his own opinion, and that is exactly what that is, his opinion. It bothers me however that he thinks that his opinion should be the law of the land. It has no basis in fact and makes very little logical sense. I’m curious too…Is this parody? A mocking perhaps of the ignorance of the closed minded?
    I want to believe that surely someone is not this ignorant unintentionally. If this is the best of this man’s writing please do not publish him again. Make him find another line of work. Please Danny find something else to do…Dictator of a third world country sounds like it would be right up your alley.

  • Brandon Ross Fontaine

    This has to be a troll article. . . can someone really be this dumb?
    Osama Bin Laden was a Muslim, Adolf Hitler a Roman Catholic, Saddam Hussein is another Muslim, Gahndi was a Hindu. . .
    Also really? Comparing Atheism to rape and murder?

  • Gordon LaPean

    Danny, you are just an idiot writing this morass.

  • Karla

    I cant believe this was published….I think a 10 year old wrote it. Last paragraph – “children influenced by atheism are turning them into drugs…”. Gosh I hope my child doesn’t turn into a “drug”. But who knows he might come across atheism and *POOF* now he’s turned into a marijuana plant. WTF.

    I am not going to “take a look at a coin” to figure out who I should trust in.

    This must have been part of the and FoxWeekly hack that happened a couple hours ago

  • Rich

    Fuck off Rogers – Your bullshit religion needs to start paying taxes and stop buggering the children….wanker.

  • Steve Zakszewski

    If this article is the end result of “intelligent design” and part of a grand plan, the plan need to be ripped up and burned and the engineer (god) fired and a new engineer brought in.

  • Tracy Wosky

    the problem is all the ignorant sheep who never bother opening a REAL book and instead read the most IMMORAL book ever written by genocidal ignorant fiction writers. there is no god, no hell.. only ignorance and every religion is guilty of spreading it like a plague. nothing stands in the way of bettering this planet like religion. you want to make america a better place? outlaw christianity and learn to be a fking human being.

  • Guest

    why does no one realize the stupidity of it all???

  • markr1957

    Please make the author promise to finish High School before he wastes his time writing again. This article is so bad it defies belief that anyone bothered to publish it.

  • Chani

    Wow. So basically if someone doesn’t agree with your ideaolgy, they are “evil”. Quite frankly, it is people like you who are destroying America with your hate and easily debunked reasoning.

  • steel

    Is this satire or is this guy a moron. every single thing in this report is bullshit. the Prison population is 99% religions. Money was changed in the 50’s due to the “Red threat”, Hasnt the latest rash of crap comming from the right been that college makes people Atheist. How is it then that the dont go to college.

  • Ande

    Is this a joke?

  • Sean Clifford

    Danny Roger, you’re a bigoted idiot. Thankfully, the First Amendment protects people from the imposition of religion upon them. It’s not only a guarantee of freedom of religion, but also freedom *from* religion.

  • Jamie Johnson

    …Christians issuing fatwa’s…LOL! The world has become a funny place indeed.

  • Don Birren

    I have a better question:

    Should insanely stupid people such as Danny Rogers be illegal in America?

  • marcus816

    This may be the stupidest piece of ignorant, inane drivel that I’ve ever read, and since I read Fox fairly regularly (so I that can keep up with what’s going on the right wing fever swamps), I’ve read a lot of ignorant inane drivel.

  • Diana Tortolini

    Danny, put down the crack pipe. The first amendment freedom of religion allows individuals to worship as they choose. It does not *compel* people to practice a religion.

    If you’re really saying it’s a sin to be an atheist but not a sin to worship Justin Bieber, you’re not reading the same Bible I am, or any version of it at all.

    Ghandi was Hindu, not Christian.

    Hitler was a Christian. Hussein and bin Laden were absolutely Muslim, Hussein being Sunni, and bin Laden being Wahhabi (an ultra-conservative offshoot of Sunni Islam).

    Who are these “notable atheists” found in prisons and night clubs? And what’s wrong with night clubs? Where is this “10 years of research” indicating most atheists don’t go to college? ACTUAL studies have shown some correlation between an INCREASE in education and lack of religious belief. You have no evidence linking atheism to drug use, and sexual orientation is independent of religious belief.

    This entire article is so bad, so filled with lies, so poorly researched and so incendiary to anyone with more than three brain cells that you should be prepared to be ridiculed by actual thoughtful people.

  • Heather Hepburn

    Atheism isn’t a belief. Its a lack of belief in a diety. It’s not a religion, philosophy, or belief system.
    The computer you typed this on and the internet you’re sharing on were invented by atheists.
    Hitler was a christian.
    The majority of college and university students would identify as atheist or agnostic.
    In fact, the more education a person has, the less likely they are to be religious.
    How do you propose to make logical people believe? How could someone make you believe in fairies, wizards or Thor?
    Instead of worrying about who doesn’t believe in your fairy tale, why not get cleaning up our air and waters, replanting trees, fixing our dying oceans?
    Grow the hell up, you sound like a spoiled, entitled child. You’re giving your religion a bad rep and sounding like a 2 year old does not help you to achieve your goals.

  • helcast

    No need to go further than the two first paragraph of this article to know the author is a total ignoramus. You need to go to school my friend. Do yourself a favor.

  • Danni Schmidt

    Where did you get your information Mr Rogers? This is all conjecture and lies. Real research shows atheists have more education than theists. Only 2% of prison inmates are atheist. Saying atheism is a sin is your opinion, it is not fact. What I see in this “article” is a bunch of faulty logic. I see ad hominen, straw man, appeal to spite, and special pleading here. It is appalling that this was even allowed to be printed. This is not journalism.

  • Mat Mayer

    Fascism in the name of fiction. Danny you are truly delusional and evil.

  • Peter Jay Clements

    Fox news should be banned as it spreads like cancer where those with weak brains fall for it. Much like Religion.

  • Mat Mayer

    This website has nothing to do with Fox. It is an article written to cause controvesy in order to generate shares leading to more visits, leading to clicks on the adverts. Basically spam.

  • 5DmarkIII

    Wow, Danny. Did you write this all by yourself, or did your Mommy help you?

    Seriously, this reads like some the home-schooler book reports that used to make up the bulk of Conservapedia entries.

    I think you managed to get just about every single “fact” wrong, but I do have to ask about one in particular. If most atheists choose not to go to college, why do Christian conservatives hold such a low opinion of college as socialist breeding grounds? What am I missing here?

  • 5DmarkIII

    Oh, one other question, which I hope has already been asked. Why do you have a picture of Islamic jihadist Osama bin Laden at the top of an article complaining about atheism? The man was extremely religious, just not the “right” one.

  • Jace

    leave it to fox weekly to give this crackpot a platform

  • bulshoy

    “Being an atheist is a sin.”

    Um…not everyone is a Christian, so declaring something to be a sin is only meaningful to people who follow a religion where a “sin” is something.

    “The biggest fact is that children influenced by atheism are turning them to drugs, homosexuality and other Godless behavior.”

    I love how you backed that up with evidence. Oh…oh you didn’t. I see.

    Is this whole “article” just one big troll? The more I read, the less believable it is that such an ignorant person not only roams freely, but writes articles.

  • Geert Rombouts

    Well, actually, freedom of religion does mean freedom from religion, that is exactly what it means.

  • JohnLockee

    Mhh… I am not sure if you are just writing this to support your own views, or because you want to start a real dialog, so I’m reticent to even write.
    If you want to reach any type of consensus approaching a universal truth, then you have to define the terms you speak in. For example, recurring to the argument of sin, its recursive logic. I do not understand how sin applies to my life, only how you try to judge my life when you feel self-righteous. Also, it is a fallacy to state that the natural state of man is to believe in a deity. The natural state of man, if left to its own devices is to attend its biological imperatives, copulate, eat, drink and sleep. It is with the formation of societies that we improve our changes of survival and improve quality of life, and it is also living in society when mores are passed on, and in western society they get adhered to religion.
    But it gets tiresome that in the 21st century there are still people who insist in making religion relevant, when it is not that much anymore. Human beings seem to be doing fine obtaining wisdom that goes beyond any specific religion, and from there they find their own ways to deal with their belief systems.
    Atheism is another important part of that growth towards obtaining wisdom.
    Staying with a dogmatic religion and never evolving beyond that is deadly, both intellectually and spiritually. Evolution is the norm, not only from a biological perspective but also from a moral and spiritual perspective. Conservatism is stagnation and that implies premature death. Death by inaction. Death of the mind, intelect and spirit.

  • Haleeyy Sams

    dumbest shit I’ve ever read .

  • Andy Pips

    I’ve read better articles written by thirteen year old children. They had a better grasp of the English language, and some understanding on quoting research statistics. If you hope to gain from this article sir, I can assure you as an atheist I feel safe in my beliefs.

  • Craven Moorehead

    The third sentence alone disqualifies the author as having any intellect worthy of consideration. Someone, please, give this man a dictionary. Atheism isn’t something in which one believes. It’s not even a worldview. It’s a position of theistic non-belief, nothing more. His patent and fundamental misunderstanding of the subject of his own article is enough to write him off as a petulant insecure child. His faith clearly isn’t strong enough to survive the implication that atheism, by definition, has labeled him deluded. Next blog, please.

  • Duane Drew

    What the fuck!? This is some seriously scary shit! What kind of nut job writes or even thinks this?

  • FlameBait

    Attention whore.

  • Julian Grigsby

    I don’t believe this is a real story written by a real person. Look at all the systematic mistakes in the article. It’s been created by a machine to start discussions

  • Bryan Elliott

    “Its known to be unhealthy for the individual who believes in it.”

    Known by whom? Is there some research behind this, or merely the author’s personal experience?

    “For starters, being an ‘atheist’, is a sin.”

    … with respect to Christianity and Islam. Judaism doesn’t consider it sinful, nor does Hinduism or Buddhism (in fact, about half of Buddhists are also atheists).

    “Believing in god(s) is natural human psychological behavior.”

    First true statement in the article. There’s a very good reason for this, couched deeply in our psychological evolution – mostly, our tendency to assign agency in places where none exists.

    “It doesn’t matter what type of god you worship, whether it’s an idol (Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Lebron James, Gordon Ramsay…etc.), or spiritual.”

    I don’t really idolize any of these people, nor anyone really. I consider worship to be, in general, a waste of time.

    “This doesn’t mean that Atheism isn’t unconstitutional. Freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion.”

    I’m free to choose whatever set of religious beliefs suit me, including a set with no content. Hence, atheism.

    “Take a look at that coin in your pocket and see Who we trust in.”

    I happen to have a 1952 dollar in my pocket. Apparently we trust in some guy called “E Pluribus Unum”.

    “Atheism is a huge sin that is respectively, compared to other sins like murder, rape and theft.”

    Heh. It’s often said that blasphemy is a victimless crime. If you consider what a person believes or doesn’t equivalent to murder, you’ve got some serious problems.

    “Although it is wrong for the U.S. to allow Atheism, people who are atheists, have corrupted minds or ‘misguided’ minds.”

    Corrupted how? In what way does not accepting the proposition that God exists have an affect on any other rational process?

    “According to 10 years of research, most atheists choose not to go to college”

    Ok, now I _know_ this is (poorly executed) satire. What you’re referring to is Pew Research’s finding that 43% of atheists have college degrees (compared to 29% of the general public). So while this statement is accurate, it’s intentionally misleading. That is to say, _dishonest_.

    “On top of that, there a significant number of notable Christians who have chosen the opposite path from an atheist: Marilyn Monroe George W. Bush, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, and a large portion of republicans.”

    Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism; Benjamin Franklin was a deist; Mahatma Ghandi was a Hindu with Jain influences (famously saying,
    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”).

    “If we switch teams here, notable atheists can be constantly found in prisons, night clubs…etc.”

    The percent of the prison population that is nonreligious is _dwarfed_ by the percent of the general population that is nonreligious. That says to me that atheists are incarcerated at a much lower rate than the general population.

    “Osama Bin Laden, Edward Snowden, Saddam Hussein, Julian, Assange, Adolf Hitler, the man who murdered Hitler…etc.”

    Bin Laden was Muslim. Hussein was Muslim. Hitler was Catholic. Ed Snowden and Julian Assange are both atheists, but mentioning them in the same breath as Bin Laden and Hussein is more than a little dishonest.

    “While these statistics are significant”

    What statistics? There’s almost one number in this entire article.

    “we do think that atheism should be banned in the U.S.”

    Well isn’t that nice for the all of you that is one very misguided author.

    “Death penalty is common in some countries, but that shouldn’t be necessary here in the United States.”

    Fundamentalist Muslim countries. Don’t you wanna be just like them.

    “The biggest fact is that children influenced by atheism are turning them to drugs, homosexuality and other Godless behavior.”

    Citation needed.

    “The movement to make Atheism illegal in America should begin as soon as possible.”

    Yeah. Good luck with that, man.

  • trog69

    This is as fake as a 3-dollar bill.

  • David Menapace

    Danny Rogers needs to pull his head from his ass.

  • Guest

    the stupid it burns

  • Scott Royle

    Wow my IQ dropped a good 50 points while i was reading that garbage.

  • wobbly

    Danny just lowered the journalistic bar about as much as is possible for one knucklehead to do in one page or less…

  • Guest


  • Matt

    Danny Rogers, I’m going to pretend you’re a competent writer and that your article wasn’t riddled with grammatical errors so that I can ask about few claims you make.

    You made these statements: “Notable atheists can be constantly found in prisons,” “according to 10 years of research, most atheists choose not to go to college,” and “the biggest fact is that children influenced by atheism are turning them to drugs, homosexuality and other Godless behavior.”

    Can you provide one reputable resource for these claims? Did you try to research this or merely spout your opinions? Get off your soapbox, use your brain, and show us the proof. I’d love to see some proof.

  • Guest

    Give this man the Worst Author of the Year award.

  • bobbeecher

    This MUST be a joke… is its author.

  • James K

    Mr. Rodgers, Hitler was a Christian, In God we trust was added to the money in the 1950’s when we were fighting communism. Please read “THE TREATY OF TRIPOLI” (Google it). Notable atheists found in prisons? The actual flow of your article reads like a high school term paper with misinformation all over the place. Atheists are turning to drugs? Was this found in an article in Christian Teen Beat Magazine? (Not a real magazine, but just as factual as this man’s research). WOW, and you do write for FOX WEEKLY ? Oh, never mind, it all makes sense now !

  • ryan

    Is this fucking real?

  • Smokemare

    Is this a parody? Surely this isn’t a serious piece of journalism? Articles this plain WRONG should be banned!

    Martyn Stanley – Author of Atheist Fantasy Novels

  • Curtis Vause

    There it is… The stupidest thing that I will read all day.

  • Unnamed

    Seriously FOX NEWS don’t go all one sided. Actually do your homework and don’t make it up as you go. Yes some of it is true but not all of it. Freedom of religion is to be free to believe in what you want, some people believe that there is no higher power. So you guys should be careful of what you say, people will get offended by it due to the fact that it is religion. Respect is key.

  • Alan Thomas

    This isn’t serious, is it?

  • Vinny Tufariello

    Please ohh please, tell me this is parody, that anyone could be so stupid is beyond me. Danny how do you walk and chew gum at the same time? How do you remember to breath? Where to begin with this incoherent mess… OK, let’s start at the top, it doesn’t matter if you worship god, or bieber? (almost) All religions consider idol worship, worse than blasphemy, and a death punishable offense. So you’re already starting from an under educated position when making this statement. Most societies believe in religion, the mob fallacy, everyone else is doing it eh Danny boy? Freedom of Religion doesn’t mean freedom from? Actually it does, its quite simple, if you cannot edit my beliefs, you cannot edit my disbelief, you fucking idiot… I truly believe you’re an idiot, and your gawd don’t exist… See how that works? It’s on our money, another favorite for the right wing who’ve never picked up a history book, In gawd we trust, was added in the 50s in the scare of communism, before that dumb-ass, the motto was “From many, One” More fact checking please, Ben Franklin wasn’t a Theist, he was Deist, and if you don’t understand the difference I suggest you look it up. Then and this is laughable, you offer up a whole bunch of “ooohh bad” names as supposed atheists, to illustrate how bad we are. Hey dumb fuck, fact check, Bin Laden, Hussein, Muslim, and your boy Hitler was a devout Catholic, and his crusade across Europe was his Christian duty. Hey Danny what statistics are significant? I don’t see one number or even a fact in this piece of shit article. I’ll tell you this, statistically atheists are better educated, and statistically we’re less than 1% of the prison population. So even if your opinion mattered to anyone but a bunch of right wing, religious nuts, who have trouble spelling, with their 3rd grade equivalent voucher school education. You’d still be left with shit since it isn’t based on anything other than your obviously undereducated belief that someone who can think and not follow the heard in all things is somehow dangerous to you… And in that you may be right, because we might make think, read, and form opinions on something more than that trickle of sweat running down your neck, and the falling feeling in you stomach. You’re a turd and that is that.

  • eattherich

    The Bio isn’t complete. It should add Danny Rodgers is 6 years old. This reads like a third graders class assignment.

  • Doug Milliken

    Each sentence in this drool puddle is more stupid than the last.

  • Mark

    never read such a load of bollocks (apart from the bible) in all my days. if anything needs banning then it is in fact ALL religion. after all more people have died because of religion than atheism!!!! some one please help Danny Rogers read a history book

  • Brendon Eishold

    That’s hilarious! It is meant to be a joke yeah?

  • daffodil127

    This is supposed to be “satire,” right? If so it isn’t humorous.

  • Loo Sipher

    I suppose that the greatest risk here is that we’re all merely responding to either some internet troll or some poorly educated dolt who truly believes his own nonsense. As several have already pointed out, this person is at best semi-literate for his sentence structure and use of grammar are on par with a grade-schooler; which, by the way, flies in the face of his claim that “according to 10 years of research, most atheists choose not to go to college.” Moreover, educated people understand that they need to cite sources. Nevertheless, is he really serious? According to the Pew Research Group, “about four-in-ten atheists (43%) have a college degree, compared with 29% of the general public” (Lipka). So, it’s quite the contrary, most atheists have made an intellectual decision rather than one forced on them or one that is emotional, and this is evidenced by the numbers above.

    The following sentences demonstrate not only a lazy person but who one is incapable of constructing coherent prose: “Most societies have believed in some sort of deity and even in ancient times. This doesn’t mean that Atheism isn’t unconstitutional. Freedom of religion doesn’t [sic] mean freedom from religion.” This claim is laughably wrong and blatantly false that I scarcely know where to begin. Contrary to countless claims by moronic Christians the United States of America was not founded as a Christian nation. The USA has always been a secular republic; that is, one which is neutral with respect to religion. According to Wikipedia “a secular state is a concept of secularism, whereby a state or country purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion” (Wiki). Yes, dimwit, the First Amendment does indeed guarantee freedom from religion.

    At any rate, I could go on and on about this moron. To tell you the truth, I think
    this website and its author are a hoax so I am not going to waste too much
    time, and the fact that I wasted any time at all is a testament to the fact
    there are many Christians in America who do believe this. George HW Bush once said that atheists shouldn’t be considered citizens. I wonder how these people differentiate themselves from all of the religious fanatics in the Middle East. Is it the simple fact they engage in less violence? Perhaps so, but I contend that, as America’s standard of living and its level of literacy continue to decline, we will see increased intolerance and its concomitant religious violence. I have always said that there is little difference between American Christians and their Muslim counterparts. Perhaps our Constitution and our higher standard of living are the only things that are keeping our atheist heads on our shoulders. You might think I’m crazy but where one finds illiteracy one finds religious people and intolerance.


    Lipka, Michael,

  • anjen

    This cant be serious

  • Daniel Aloicius Saint James

    How to Troll 101

  • Chris Irwin Davis

    People actually advocating to make certain thoughts illegal. George Orwell was right.

  • Julie Peloquin

    …Hitler wasn’t an Atheist. He was Christian. I don’t even… *sigh* And Gandhi was Hindu!

  • Gregg Macey

    Calm down, it’s satire, or at least I really think/hope it is….lololol.

  • jj

    this site is a front for social vevo, a bunch of internet pranksters.

  • Monster

    Hi Dan,

    Great article! You showed clarity of ignorance and a shining understanding of stupidity!

    Atheism is not a belief, it’s the ABSENCE of belief in supernatural beings, of any sort. Which also includes, ghosts, spirits, demons and angels.

    How you got to believe that what is printed on money makes any difference, it just another example of your moronic attitudes toward non-christian ideas. And that sin is anything more than the creation of mans imagination is also laughable (remember, man created god to explain what he could not explain before science).

    You wrote, “According to 10 years of research, most atheists choose not to go to college.” Where is this information coming from?

    “If we switch teams here, notable atheists can be constantly found in prisons, night clubs…etc.” I really have no idea what you are trying to say with this sentence. Perhaps you took some medication when you wrote this.

    Your insane call to make Atheism illegal is just beyond comprehension. Are you going to start an American “SS”? It does sound like you cannot tolerate anything that doesn’t agree with YOUR belief system.

    All in all, you make no argument for your case, just spew mindless, thoughtless religious nonsense.

    I applaud how you have the fortitude to present your disregard for others and your own ego-centric attitude.

    Do the world a favor, shut your computer off and have it professionally removed. We don’t want you to hurt yourself.


  • Dmmyles

    Well aren’t you an idiot. Leaving out that you completely misunderstand the whole concept of religious freedom… it also give us the right to be free of religion… and your “god” doesn’t exist, has no power, and is indicative of low intelligence and hubris for you to believe ion it. You can see what’s going on in the mid east that religion is unhealthy, and what went on in the dark ages, that Christianity is a particularly unhealthy and dangerous delusion… so shut up.

  • Shelly Turtle

    Here’s the thing, illegal or not, it will still be. We’re all born Atheist.

  • William Barnes

    This… hurts. i am an atheist, i am an active part of my community, am no sexual deviant, do not do drugs, have an upstanding job, love to listen to my Christian friends beliefs, and friends of another faith, am accepting and open to them, caring in every virtue i know to have goodness and grace, and i do not submit to sinful behavior. i am a moral and principled person who believes personal faith; no matter its source, can be a very important part of a person. i just don’t believe in a deity. i believe in honor to ones duty as a good man, and doing what is best for your neighbor. i have read the bible, been a avid study of many philosophy’s, and have come to my own conclusions on these things. i do not party or go to night clubs, nor do i engage in orgy’s or one night stands, i happen to be romantic. To think that their are people out there that claim my belief should be illegal, that it is a sickness… hurts my being, very deeply. i am loving and accepting of all, have participated in community events, even volunteered with churches who knew my personal belief and accepted it. i have been director of a non-profit, given back to those i care for, and opened up honestly to those i feel have the motives to respect me in that choice. would you lock me up if i said i believed, and others who have met me believed, i was a good man, and honorable man. would you judge beyond the show of my character and focus on such a thing, to satisfy your justification of some crime against man by forcing your beliefs to cage a man, just to enact another inquisition; a black mark on organized religion they have been trying to wipe clean for generations. i would rather you kill me, then take my freedom from me. i would not bid to take away your faith; it can be a beautiful thing, but also… as i have seen on all sides… it can blind an atheist, a Christian, a Catholic, a Buddhist, an agnostic, a jew, a Muslim, a hindu, or even a man who hasnt quite found faith… to become a monster and harm or cage a man. i implore you to re-explore your virtues, or seek me out: as i will not resist or retaliate, and destroy me. in the end history will see you as you are, and in the eyes of your god, you shall indeed be judged. the world is sick, and it is oppressors like yourself, and people with belief able to harm others, that are the cancer who destroy good men, and i shall refuse to be like you. “all the world about to speak, but what to say…. we hesitate.” let us hope it is not your kind that makes our final words; final.

    • William Barnes

      now here i have even shared my name, that does not mean i want to be attacked. just that i want to not hide who i am, that i am honest. if you believe that it is right to make this illegal, you are not american at all, and do not believe in the founding principles of this amazing country. your sense patriotic responsibility, and moral justifications are in question, and i shall discredit that to my last breath. there are extremists in the middle east that wish to destroy us, we also have quit a few here in our wonderful home, extremism is everywhere, and i would claim that you who wrote this is a socialist and bordering on communistic fascism, a Hippocratic person when it comes to the fundamental principles of the american constitution, and though we protect your right to say such things, just as i have the right to disagree, i believe you to be immoral, and incapable of true leadership.

  • Anthony Chesser

    Absolutely ridiculous! Atheism is no threat to anyone except that person because he or she is going to hell, if you believe in that sort of thing. No one should be forced into believing what you do. Let others live the way they want and stop trying to shove your ignorant beliefs onto others!

  • Guest

    The fact that you were paid to write this drivel Mr. Rogers, speaks volumes for this publication. A remedial English class wold do you wonders.

  • Ray Campbell

    The fact that you were paid to write this drivel Mr. Rogers, speaks volumes for this publication. A remedial English and History class would do you wonders.

  • Julie Dawn

    What a total crock of crap. Who did this ’10 years of research’? Where can we read the report? Also, Hitler was a christian and thought he was doing god’s work. Also, atheists account for roughly 2% of the prison population with the rest being believers. And that’s just for starters. This article is chock full of lies and misrepresentation.
    If you can’t get your facts straight, keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Brittany Neville

    This is a sickening article. God never wanted you to be so judgmental and hateful. What happened to loving everyone? Sorry my fiancé is an atheist and I am a spiritual person but don’t put a label on it but apparently that means we shouldn’t live in America? Or be put in jail? Get real. This is offensive and disgusting. It blows my mind anyone can be that ignorant. Atheism is a problem in America? I never saw an atheist protesting funerals, hurting people for what they believe in, and burning people at the stake or hanging them in the past. Half of our country’s fore fathers were atheist. Atheism will never be illegal because it breaks our consitutional rights and I love that it pisses evil people like you off. If there is a Hell you people and all those associated with the hateful network that is Fox News will be the first to go there. Judgmental hypocrites. I really hope this article is a joke but I am sure it isn’t because I think everything Fox News does is a joke.

  • Normanium

    Religion is nothing more than a form of mass control that crosses borders and local governments. Over zealous religion is far greater cause for concern today and in the past. How many epic struggles are based on religious groups battle for domination? Our civilizations darkest periods are characterized by religious extremes, and we have achieved our greatest moments when religion played as a backdrop rather than a driving force. Religion takes away personal responsibility, and replaces it with misguided faith and motivations.

  • kilvehk

    lol either this is satire or you are an idiot.

  • Exiene

    108 comments and not one person agreed with this article…HA!

  • Daniel Quick

    i fele lyke dem athetsts r runing my lyfe n dey shud b kiled 4 not belive in juses.

    1 lyke 1 prayr

  • Eric Marsh

    This is one of the most ill informed and frankly stupid things I think I’ve read in a long time. The biggest laugh is the claim that Gandhi was a Christian. Funny thing is a slim minority of the prison population are atheists but the lion’s share of top scientists are atheists. The simple fact is Christianity more often == stupidity (as demonstrated by the author) while atheism more often is an indication of superior intelligence.

    I guess the stupids are starting to run scared.

  • Mrquestion

    How desperate you must be to succumb to propositioning idolatry. Where is your peer reviewed report on the psychological damages of atheism? Your flagrant ignorance of the meaning of the Constitution IS what’s eating America. You’re part of the ignorant many who, in their effort to create a Christian theocracy (The exact opposite of what our founding fathers wanted), have twisted and “Revisioned” history more to your liking, inserting little lies here and there, to suit your world view.

    Your ignorance in American history shows in your talking points about our currency, I’d laugh at your “Criminal” statistics, when a simple google search would so evidently prove you wrong, among other things. But in truth, you’re not concerned about that. You just want to spread your infectious ideology to more of the uninformed so that it may resonate like a giant echo chamber. The Age of Geek is your death knell, as whom you have now is yours to keep, but we are now gaining ground. Knowledge, will show your mysticism for the quackery it is. No ghosts, spirits, hell or heaven. All layered lies to subjugate the weak and desperate.

    You’re sad, a liar, and this page, whatever it is, is worse for letting you put this garbage here.

  • Gia Failla

    The article here is a pardy correct??

  • Joseph Incredulous Huggy

    You right wing douchebags are always talking about the Constitution, yet nearly everything you want to do is clearly unconstitutional.

  • Matthew George

    This whole article is an affront to the journalism profession. And the reality is, it is Atheists who are truly enlightened. Their minds were able to withstand the brainwashing that occurs during childhood and adolescent development. Atheists are among the brightest minds that ever lived. Albert Einstein, Woody Allen, Brad Pitt, Ricky Gervais, Morgan Freeman, John Lennon, Eddie Vedder, Bill Maher, Ira Glass, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Arthur Miller, Kurt Vonnegut, Gore Vidal, Earnest Hemingway, Jack Nicholson, Howard Stern, Rob Reiner, Seth McFarlane, Dave Barry, Bill Gates, and hundreds others that time does not permit me to include.

  • uncleernie

    Danny Rogers has the brains of a duck and having said that I would like to make a sincere, heartfelt apology to all the members of duckdom for comparing them to this brain dead fascist!

  • Iszy Richardson

    “On top of that, there a significant number of notable Christians who have chosen the opposite path from an atheist: Marilyn Monroe George W. Bush, Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, and a large…” -Did Fox News just list Gandhi as a ‘notable Christian’?

  • montex

    Here is an article by an enemy of the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of and FROM religion.

  • montex

    And what does Osama Bin Laden have to do with atheists? Is Danny Rogers ignorance so blinkered that he doesn’t know Bin Laden was a muslim?

  • D. Kiiskila

    Danny, this is the worst kind of religious tripe I’ve ever read. You are the equivalent to the expression “American Taliban” and this article is an example of it.

    You’re not doing your research properly, or even having a modicum of truth in it. This is the kind of thing I’d gladly print out JUST TO WIPE MY BEHIND ON IT.

    There is a thing called the Constitution, you should read it, my friend, because the first Amendment to the Constitution explicitly protects me from your religious tyranny, it’s exactly WHY the 1st Amendment was written, to protect those of us who do not buy into the lies and superstition of religion.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this religious bigotry, and I would totally recommend you switch careers to write religious materials (some of us call it Mythology).

  • John Arroyo

    “Adolf Hitler, the man who killed Hitler…” you mean the guy who killed Hitler? Hitler committed suicide, your pulling facts out of your ass. “For starters, being an ‘atheist’ is a sin. Believing in god(s) is natural human psychological behavior.” False. Children aren’t born believing in god, they are made into Christians through their parents and fear of “going to hell.” Saying a child naturally believes in god is like saying children are naturally a republican or a democrat. They can be neither considering they have no clue what the terms even stand for. This country was built on the idea of equality, NOT on Christian ideals. If you want to ban Atheism, then ban every religion in the states, because religions cause more harm than Atheists. “Take a look at the coin in your pocket and see who we trust in.” Fun fact, ‘In God we trust’ Wasn’t added till 180 years after we already started printing our currency.”According to 10 years of research, most Atheist choose not to go to college.” Really? Can we see that study? How about you read your own bible, actually do some research, then come back and write your paper and see if people will still mock you then. “Notable Atheists can be found in prison.” Please tell me about these horrendous Atheists. Ever heard of David G. McAfee? Very successful author of a few books? Certainly never been to prison? No? Ever heard of a priest? You know a good portion of them WENT to prison for molesting of children? This was a very laughable post.

  • Odd Jørgensen

    Well, that was a good amount of bullshit right there lol, who writes this nonsense?

  • R.w. Foster

    This has got to be a Poe.