Obama Ready To Wipe ISIS Off The Face Of The Planet

Obama Ready To Wipe ISIS Off The Face Of The Planet 2014-09-03

WASHINGTON — After two American beheadings, Obama is ready to destroy ISIS, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday.

The horrific acts of ISIS has startled the entire world for weeks now. Obama promises to eliminate the ISIS threat in the middle east after a new video surfaced showing a second American journalist beheading.

“It’ll take time to roll them back,” he said, adding that, “our reach is long and justice will be served.

Obama did not say when or how it will be done, but a plan is expected to be revealed very soon.

Whatever these murderers think they will achieve by murdering innocents like Steven, they have already failed,” Obama said. “We will not be intimated. Their horrific acts only unite us.”

While the plan for possible airstrikes continues, Obama has ordered 350 U.S. troops to Iraq to strengthen defense in the arabic nation.

“The killing of first James Foley, and now Steven Sotloff are absolute tragedies, he said in a statement. Freedom-loving people everywhere owe them an unpayable debt of gratitude.

White house representatives have confirmed that ISIS operatives are likely still holding more Americans hostage. The ISIS threat still continues as ISIS has threatened to kill kidnapped British citizen David Haines next.