NATO Hosts Massive Military Drills In Latvia

NATO Hosts Massive Military Drills In Latvia 2014-09-07

UKRAINE — NATO is continuing to stage military drills in Latvia. This comes after recent conflicts between Ukraine and Russia.

The NATO military exercises are expected to last seven days. US officials are hoping that the drills will send out a clear message to an “assertive” Russia over its recent invasion.

According to NATO, around 2,000 soldiers are participating in the military drills, from nine different countries.

We want to assure our people that we are able to protect them. Certainly on top of this we send a clear message to everyone who wants to threaten NATO, that it’s not a thing you should do. NATO will always defend and protect its people, General Hans-Lothar Domrose, commander of the NATO military command in Brunssum, Netherlands, told reporters.

It needs to be a relatively light force. It needs to be a force that succeeds, builds upon intelligence and agility, and precision as opposed to weight of military force. It is an agile, precise, intelligence-led rapidly deployable force, Lieutenant General Ed Davis, NATO deputy land commander, told a Reuters reporter.

Baltic states have been reaching out to NATO for assistance to help prevent another Russian invasion or attack.

Meanwhile, Moscow stated that these NATO exercises are being performed to create a Ukranian military presence closer to its borders.

Together with the rhetoric at the summit, and the planned military exercises before the end of the year, this will increase tension, destabilization the nascent peace process, and further widen the division in Ukraine, Russia’s defense ministry’s statement said.

As the Ukrainian crisis seems to have no end in sight, the US and Canada have deployed warships to enter the black sea. These warships and destroyers are expected to enter the black sea in a few days.