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Scientists Unearth A New Species Of Dinosaur

Scientists Unearth A New Species Of Dinosaur 2014-09-11

AFRICA — Scientists from Ohio University have unearthed fossil remains of a new massive species of dinosaur. The discovery was made in southeastern Tanzania. The fossil remains which were embedded in a cliff wall, contained vertebrae, limbs, ribs and pelvic bones.

The bones were put under a CT scan and were confirmed to be from a species of dinosaur known as ‘Titanosaur’. This type of species is one of the largest dinosaurs known to man.

The humongous herbivore, called Rukwatitan bisepultus, is said to have a weight as much as several elephants. 100 million years ago, the Rukwatitan is said to have roamed the southern Tanzania area.

“Much of what we know regarding titanosaurian evolutionary history stems from numerous discoveries in South America –a continent that underwent a steady separation from Africa during the first half of the Cretaceous Period,” lead author Eric Gorscak, a doctoral student at Ohio University, said in the statement. “With the discovery of Rukwatitan … we are beginning to fill a significant gap from a large part of the world.”

The findings were published in the Sept. 8 issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.