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Russia Slams New Sanctions Amid Tensions

Russia Slams New Sanctions Amid Tensions 2014-09-13

MOSCOW — Russia slams the US over the latest round of sanctions amid an escalating crisis in Ukraine. Russia accused the US on Friday of deteriorating the chances for peace and once again escalating the Ukraine crisis.

This followed U.S. President Barack Obama’s announcement Thursday that, in collaboration with the EU, “we will intensify our coordinated sanctions on Russia in response to its illegal actions in Ukraine.”

Russia is being held responsible for explicitly supporting the separatists who are claiming territory and battling the Ukrainian military.

Russia’s foreign ministry responded on Friday, issuing the following statement, “the latest hostile step on the confrontational course of the American administration.”

We are not going to act in order to please the United States’ geopolitical ambitions and the calculations of those overseas politicians who are trying to use a ‘manageable Ukraine’ to restrain Russia,” the ministry said.

Despite all of the western tensions, Russia’s foreign ministry did not announce a new round of sanctions against the US. “Leaving the door open to constructive and honest bilateral cooperation, including working together to tackle the Ukrainian crisis if the U.S. administration is willing.”, The Russian foreign ministry stated.

“Washington needs to recognize: only respect for each other’s interest can help us find a solution to the Ukrainian crisis that suits everyone,” the Russian ministry said.

This comes after Ukraine officials accuse Russia of fully invading Ukraine and aiding the rebels. Despite these acts of aggression from Moscow, Obama has stated that the US will not send troops to Ukraine and military intervention was not on the table.

“We are watching closely developments since the announcement of the ceasefire and agreement in Minsk, but we have yet to see conclusive evidence that Russia has ceased its efforts to destabilize Ukraine.”, said Obama.

As Russia continues to heighten tensions, NATO has sent thousands of troops to European countries just in case.