Navy Pilot Dead After Collision Over Pacific Ocean

Navy Pilot Dead After Collision Over Pacific Ocean 2014-09-15

LEMOORE, Calif. — The Navy confirmed on Sunday that Lt. Nathan Poloski, 26, was killed after two jets reportedly crashed over the Pacific ocean.

The Lake Arrowhead native was found after a 36-hour search in the waters off the U.S. territory of Wake Island. The jets that collided were ‘F/A-18C Hornets’ and the date of the collision was Friday.

The other pilot safely ejected and was later rescued from the ocean by helicopter. He was treated and released from medical facilities aboard the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson.

Poloski was a 2009 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.

“Nathan was an outstanding person, naval officer and aviator,” Cmdr. Michael Langbehn, commanding officer of his squadron, said in a statement. “My personal thoughts and prayers are for his family, friends and shipmates as they endure this immeasurable loss.”

The cause of the crash is unknown and the incident remains an ongoing investigation.