How To Buy Twitter Followers Online

LOS ANGELES — Many people dream their whole lives of being a celebrity, while others simply buy their way. With the rise of social media, you can now become a celebrity, for a certain price.

Sites like Rantic and Fiverr, offer a variety of social media services that range from the urge to buy Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, Instagram Followers and even YouTube views. It might sound crazy, but many people have purchased these social services.

Some, who we might know all to well. Let’s take for example: Mitt Romney. During his 2012 presidential campaign, rumors started blasting about his involvement with the social media black market. Hundreds of thousands of fake Twitter followers started appearing in his account.

A service that would generally cost about $5,000. Other celebrities such as Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, RedBull, Pepsi, Katy Perry are all rumored to have purchased fake Twitter followers to increase their image.