Republican Voters Destroys Democrats

Republican Voters Destroys Democrats 2014-11-05

republicans-dominate-senate WASHINGTON — Voters gave republicans the upper hand as they hit the majority of the vote for Senate. Obama’s low approval rating was one of the factors that played a huge part in this.

“Presidents wear their welcome out,” said G. Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin and Marshall College. “No one expects anything but Republican gains. The only question is how many.”

If the republicans continue to dominate, this will be the biggest house majority by the republicans — since Harry Truman was president.

The 2014 midterm election house results were:

Democrats: 177

Republicans: 244

“For Boehner, it’s a good news-bad news situation,” said David Wasserman, of The Cook Political Report. “The House Republican conference will include more Boehner allies and more rebels as well.”