5 Myths When You ‘Buy Twitter Followers’

5 Myths When You ‘Buy Twitter Followers’ 2014-11-22

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Myths always surround the social media marketing and advertising world. Those who Buy Twitter Followers always run up with myths that are somewhat confusing but also down right dumb. Here are five myths that have dominated the world of buying Twitter followers.

“My Twitter Followers Are 100% REAL” most social stores might potential lie about this but some keep it real. Some will tell you that their twitter followers are real and you will get maximum results. Some end up telling the truth and those are the ones you should be chasing and spending your money on.

“We’ve Marketed HUGE Clients” this one is a big claim that most social stores will not back up because as a store you are supposed to keep the privacy of your clients protected. So you will need to trust the buzz and the quality behind the social store that you look for.

“Our Followers Will RT Your Content” followers who are 100% real people that are achieved by advertising promotions, are expensive and not that common. Those do exist and you will need to look at the quality of the social store.

“All Celebrities Buy Twitter Followers” this one is widely speculated but can’t always be proven. Yes, some politicians, musicians, actors, companies have been caught buying Twitter followers, but that does not mean that every one has done it. Some don’t see buying Twitter fans as a proper marketing approach.

“100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” this phrase is only true with a fraction of online social stores. Don’t let a lot of these social stores fool you. Sometimes, some of your followers can drop over time in the long run. It isn’t because your boring, its because the store is cheap and low quality. Don’t sleep, and pay attention to where you put your bucks at.