Top 5 Car Insurance Sites Online

Top 5 Car Insurance Sites Online 2014-11-23

There are always a lot of car insurance advertising that you see in your local city. You get them on brochures or flyers and you really have a hard time trying to decide which one you should get. You seen the popular ones on TV like Geico and Statefarm. Well don’t look any further because here are the five top car insurance sites online.

Geico — this car insurance site is probably the most marketable that has been seen on TV and radio. Its among the most popular mascot, which is a green lizard creature.

Statefarm — Statefarm has been seen by many commercials as well online and offline.

Allstate — this car insurance is also known for its commercials and affordable plans. Its among the most popular and is home to millions of insurances of americans.

Progressive — the female that plays in the famous commercials is a huge household name. She come out in every progressive insurance commercial and makes the insurance seem better.

Farmers — not a common household name but still very powerful car insurance that many has relied and trusted upon for a long time.