LoveThat. Mag Brings You Culture and Lifestyle News

LoveThat. Mag Brings You Culture and Lifestyle News 2014-11-24

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UNITED KINGDOM – Tired of working hard or in need of a vacation? Don’t waste your time or money traveling to horrible destinations. Get up to date with all the latest trends, top tourist attractions, restaurants, local bars and more.

We’d like to introduce to you:

LoveThat Mag” is a tabloid-sized online magazine that focuses on lifestyle, entertainment, culture, fashion, national & health news. This online magazine also publishes reviews for tourist destinations, movies and music.

LoveThat mag also has a 7 staff editorial/writer team and a TV section crew for its videos. So don’t visit an attraction again and feel like you got ripped off! LoveThat magazine editorial staff and contributors who review both attractions and entertainment material (music and movies), are a respectable team that visits these locations prior to rating time.

The judging and reviewing is done neutrally, with a code that our journalist team always follow. We strive to bring human beings with the best attractions and entertainment material with full confidence and authenticity.

The current Editor-in-chief of the magazine is George Mensah, while the co-founder is Mitchell Charles. LoveThat Mag will be a life-saver for those who are trying to go to the movies and do not know which film to see. So how does the review system work?

Reviews are calculated with ratings from users and a LoveThat mag contributor. The magazine also serves to influence masses and inform people about the newest fashion and lifestyles. Apart from the lifestyle culture & entertainment, LoveThat mag also publishes international news from regions around the world such as: UK, U.S. Australia, Asia and South America.

From general national headlines news, breaking news, to what’s new on politics, LoveThat mag also publishes what’s going on in the world. LoveThat mag serves to attract the online audience of tourism, hospitality, entertainment, trending or viral content, fitness or health and adventure seekers.

“If there is any big local music show or indie film premiere, we will know about it. If a new musician is on the verge of dropping a huge release, we’re on it. Our staff will be on top of everything that is entertainment and culture” says LoveThat Mag co-founder Sammy Porter.

The creators of LoveThat mag has also confirmed a mobile app that will be available in the near future for Android and iOS. The app will feature the latest news, reviews and tourist attractions straight to your phone. It will be FREE and is expected to be released in 2015.

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