Top 10 Reasons To “Buy Twitter Followers”

Top 10 Reasons To “Buy Twitter Followers” 2014-11-25

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SAN DIEGO — Some people might think that those who buy Twitter followers are crazy. While there are others who believe that buying Twitter followers Is a strong marketing plan. Whatever the case may be, we believe that it is effective, but only if it is executed in the proper way.

Lets face it, its no longer a secret that celebrities, politicians and big named brands have been caught buying fake Twitter followers. As a result of this, many news and blog outlets have expressed their opinion on the ongoing situation of buying social fans. Its up to the person whether they believe that buying Twitter followers is a good thing for their business or brand.

Some sites where you can purchase these Twitter followers services include and

With all the controversy and stories out there about how one has seen success and failure in buying Twitter followers, we present to you 10 reasons why you SHOULD buy Twitter followers.

1. It will make you seem more popular. This can work but it can also backfire. Of course, you might seem popular at first glance, but if you’re not already gaining buzz or news, then you will look like a fake.

2. It can get you LAID. I swear its not a joke, it can happen. Actually, it has happened! It is said that those who buy Instagram followers can get laid easy, but it also said that if you buy Twitter followers, getting laid comes naturally.

3. You’re revenue will increase, potentially. If you have a business or brand that you are trying to promote, well this can increase your earnings. Being more popular can get more people to trust and spend money. Obviously, your content and your service has to be very good in order to continue gaining that revenue from your social popularity.

4. You will become a household name, possibly. We don’t always like to guarantee things, even though 99% of the time it ends up happening. But when you have an increased number in social popularity, you can be a household name and gain popularity forever.

5. Musicians can get a major record deal. I’ve got to say that when artists are pushed to limits in the recording studio, there’s almost nothing the artist can’t do to achieve success. That is well, not always true. You probably have seen those artists with wonderful voices that seem to have so little views or not a big following. That’s because they are missing marketing or promotion. What musicians don’t know is that most people are like a sheep. They hear or follow what ever is hot and trending. If you look even a bit like your popular and buzzin, they will listen to you and follow you. Its that easy. You can start off with 50,000 fake Twitter followers, but in a few months of buzzin for REAL, you will have 500,000. A&R’s love artists who are buzzin.

6. Get a modeling contract or gig. Yes, if you got the look, why not use it to market yourself on sites like Twitter or Instagram. Although this method will work perfectly on Instagram, it has yielded pretty good results on Twitter. Take good pictures, post them, get your account popular, and watch all the endorsements and contracts start piling up.

7. Gain more Facebook likes or YouTube views. Since Twitter is one of the top sites on the web, it produces a astronomical amount of traffic that can be converted to Facebook likes or YouTube video views. If you’re account is popular and you are tweeting interesting video links, your views can also increase. Don’t take advantage of this marketing strategy and best use it when you have very good content to offer.

8. Become a ‘boss figure’ on Twitter. There’s nothing better than the feeling that you have more Twitter followers than almost all your followers. it gives you online ‘don’ status. It can be used to lead, dominate or better yet, influence your audience.

9. You will have a chance to make a change. Those who take advantage of marketing and use it to make a positive change is the reason why most social marketers love their jobs. Making a change and helping out the world is nothing short of wonderful.

10. You can ‘GO VIRAL’. If you buy Twitter followers you’re best bets are that you will have a shot at doing something that will catch the attention of others. If you aim for something that will catch a large number of eyes, then you are one step closer of going viral. Its that simple and can be done by buying Twitter followers. You will need a good marketing plan and a good amount of news articles to make it happen.