Vladimir Putin Says He Won’t Be Russia’s President For Life

Vladimir Putin Says He Won’t Be Russia’s President For Life 2014-11-25

MOSCOW — Vladimir Putin, 62, has been the President of Russia since 2000. The constitution states that 24 years is the max amount that a president can stay. In 2024, Russian president Vladimir Putin will step out of his seat as president.

Putin has since commented saying that he does not want to be president for life. Since his first election in 2000, he decides to run as president again in 2018. Despite the rising tensions with the West and the situation in Ukraine, Putin seems to be managing his position as President of Russia quite well and is no hurry to leave his presidential seat.

Putin stated that not all Russians support him, which he said was fine as long as their feedback was constructive and didn’t violate any Russian law. But he said his government would destroy anyone who tried to weaken the state, describing them as “bacteria.”

“They sit inside you, these bacilli, these bacteria, they are there all of the time,” Putin said. “But when an organism is strong, you can always keep back the flu because of your immune system.”

Russia remains as one of the top nuclear countries in the world, after the dismantle of the USSR.