Rantic: Reddit Increases Your Social Brand

Rantic: Reddit Increases Your Social Brand 2014-12-01

LOS ANGELES — Reddit has turned into one of the biggest website on the web. Its traffic is massive and has even turned normal videos and content into viral sensations overnight. This is because Reddit houses an audience base of millions a day.

According to Rantic, recording artists and video creators can achieve a massive amount of traffic and news attention from obtaining the top of the Reddit ranks in the category. The big players are on the front page of Reddit, where most of the traffic is at. These posts can get millions to tens of millions of hits in a matter of minutes.

The marketing website finds it compelling just how many YouTubers and musicians had their careers started by using social platforms such as Reddit.

“Reddit is also a place where online journalism shines. On the site, the many stories and posts that are published on the front page, end up becoming tomorrows headline news stories. Its a great way to get news coverage and its also a great way to make revenue. A lot of businesses and brands know the power of Reddit.” says Rantic.

Maybe Reddit will soon take Facebook’s place as traffic king? We hope so!