Cassidy ‘Cooked’ Dizaster After Yesterday’s Match Shutdown

Cassidy ‘Cooked’ Dizaster After Yesterday’s Match Shutdown 2014-12-07


LOS ANGELES — The man himself that took over a decade long hiatus in the rap game — had came back strong Sunday evening. Cassidy showed up for a rematch today against hip hop freestyler Dizaster. Although the first match was a humiliating mess, the two met up at a undisclosed location and duked it out.

The highly anticipated match that had thousands of hip hop fans waiting had finally arrived on Saturday night. After seeing lots of freestylers battle it out on stage, the veteran rap artist Cassidy arrives to the stage to battle Dizaster. What happens next, is probably one of the most embarrassing moments for hip hop ever.

As soon as both battle rappers hit the stage, the atmosphere was very gloomy. The audience were not on point and the rappers were not playing by the rules. Cassidy rapped for about 8 minutes instead of 3. And the audience were being completely disrespectful.

It was a recipe for ‘dizaster’.

As soon as the homie Dizaster started spitting his bars, the crowd were booing him. There was rumors that Cassidy’s camp standing in the front row started it, but that was later dismissed as false. It was just all bad vibe since the start of the final match.

On Sunday evening, both battle rappers had confirmed to meet up at a secret location in Los Angeles, California to finish the battle. Both rappers duked it out and according to sources, Cassidy beat Dizaster and slayed him of his title.

After the rematch, Cassidy commented on video stating that he had ‘cooked’ Dizaster and had done so after taking 10 years or so off.