JagandCo Redefines Masculinity at the Brooklyn Museum

JagandCo Redefines Masculinity at the Brooklyn Museum 2014-12-08


NEW YORK — Last night, Jaguar and Company Clothier (JagandCo) along with several other designers had an amazing opportunity to springboard fashion in redefining masculinity. DapperQ turned the Brooklyn Museum into their stage with “(un)Heeled,” the online magazine’s largest fashion show to date which celebrated androgynous and masculine fashion for women and trans masculine folks. Like ying and yang, the show paired well the museum’s current exhibit, Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe.

DapperQ – the fashion, lifestyle, and empowerment website for masculine presenting women and trans-identified individuals – have been helping inspire, as well as tutoring women in the realm of androgynous style for nearly six years.

Among those featured was Jag & Co, “the bespoke tailoring company for the masculine identified gender and some in between.” Earlier this year, two of their bespoke jackets made it into the Red Carpet with Steven Spielberg’s Lucky Seven star Luis Antonio Ramos as well as appeared on the Cathy Lee and Hoda Show where the custom Admiral’s Jacket w/hanging suspender’s was well received. Ironically, it’s not just the queer folks talking about JagandCo, the straight community seem to love Jagandco’s innovation.

JagandCo founder is also a huge innovator and because of the lack of support in bringing the queer folk to the forefront of fashion, JagandCo created Rainbow Fashion Week: June 19-26, 2015 — 14 great fashion themed shows for the upcoming fashion, film, technology and entertainment community. Their launch this year received a proclamation from Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

Rap duo Smiff n Wesson, Richard Pryor Jr., NFL Linebacker Alvin Bowens as well as the Coke Boyz’ Lil Trigg have all worn and praised their clothing.

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Our objective at the (un)heeled show was to highlight our one of a kind bespoke signature bow ties with the fish tail end and button, our silk suspenders with leather and red paperboy trousers. Hanging suspenders allow our customer to see the variety of ways to exploit their wardrobe pieces in a Dress Up Dress Down style;” says Jaguar Beckford CEO and Designer of JagandCo.

“The combination of these 3 pieces was mixed and matched along with a cornucopia of textures and patterns to create our runway show. People loved it and we will continue on the path we’ve chosen.” DapperQ continues to raise the bar and so will we get the message out loud and clear; we are all redefining gender identity and expression a very powerful tool.

Photo credits: Photography by Suri & aTruLee Photography 

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