What Is Rantic Marketing?

What Is Rantic Marketing? 2015-01-11


UNITED KINGDOM — We are in a new age that is quickly being overrun by social media. From the way we advertise, influence, entertain and even communicate, social media is dominating the human race. Companies, brands, entertainers are all striving to promote and market on this multi-billion dollar industry.

One of the most well known social media marketing brands today is Rantic. Unlike your typical marketing company, this Marketing company uses both white hat and grey hat techniques to turn any thing or person into a viral trend. Occasionally, Rantic uses the internet and the mainstream media, as its playground to practice viral marketing strategies or help trend important movements.

Rantic Marketing offers services such as Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Instagram Followers and YouTube Views. From the public’s eye, Rantic rose to notoriety through a number of viral hoaxes and controversies. Traffic, radio advertising and other marketing services are also for sale on the website.

The marketing company was founded by a couple of internet marketers from the UK, Russia and Malaysia in 2012. Rantic was formerly known as SocialVEVO or Swenzy. In April 2014, The New York Times Bits columnist Nick Bilton wrote about Rantic’s Twitter services and how bots can influence agendas. Not too long after, Rantic revealed their psychological study on ‘click-bait’ journalists.

Today, Rantic is operational having numerous staff members and techniques that it uses to make any trend go viral. Rantic’s clients include corporations, brands, politicians, reporters, entertainers, celebrities and even governments. Although Instagram tried to crackdown on fake Instagram accounts, it was unsuccessful in stopping the business of fake Instagram followers or removing all fake accounts.

Despite numerous rebrandments, is the final form and is here to stay.