Can Ivy Levan Become The Next Lady Gaga?

(THERABBITHOLE) — There aren’t any singers who can come close to the strange — yet fashionable style of the pop queen Lady Gaga. While browsing on YouTube this weekend, I think I might have found an exception. It was the first time I got excited while listening to a rising pop act.

Meet Ivy Levan.

As soon as you listen to her voice, you’ll notice a distinct fusion of Lady Gaga meets Christina Aguilera, but much smoother. There is a newly released single that caught my attention titled ‘Biscuit’. Although the song title selection is a tad weird, it doesn’t really matter. The hook is mad catchy and the music video is as original as a weird pop singer can get.

If there is one singer who can possibly take Lady Gaga’s place in the industry, it’s definitely this super Casper-white gorgeous blonde chick. Her fan base has grown a lot in the past year and is likely to blow up very soon. Whether it’s the dancing flamingo-legged biscuits or the Aguilera-Gaga style vocals, Ivy’s style is something that the music industry is lacking.

Ivy Levan signed with Cherrytree Records, a label within Interscope Records, after moving to LA. Besides her kick ass crispy vocals, music isn’t her only talent. Ivy Levan is also a model and an actress.

The 28 year-old singer from Bentonville, Arkansas, was brought to fame by members of the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. God bless these rock punks for having a god-like music ear. If you listen to her other tracks, you’ll start to understand and appreciate the vintage-style sound that these folks are trying hard to push.

If Ivy Levan doesn’t blow up with her latest EP, she’s positively a huge pop star waiting to happen. Sometimes, it just takes the right time and single. But until that time comes, do the music industry a favor and bump this new Biscuit track.

h/t: The Rabbit Hole