Ted Cruz Announces 2016 Presidential Run

Ted Cruz was the first major candidate to announce a presidential run in 2016. The Canadian-born republican, who is also the senator of Texas, made headlines on Monday. Cruz is Cuban-American and is the first Hispanic to serve as senator from Texas.

“God’s blessing has been on America from the very beginning of this nation, and I believe God isn’t done with America yet,” Ted Cruz said before thousands of cheering students at Liberty University. “I believe in you. I believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to re-ignite the promise of America.”

“Today, I am announcing that I am running for president of the United States,” Ted Cruz added. “It is a time for truth, it is a time for liberty, it is a time to reclaim the Constitution of the United States.”

“The power of the American people when we rise up and stand for liberty knows no bounds,” Ted Cruz said

”There are people who wonder if faith is real,” Ted Cruz said. “I can tell you, in my family there is not a second of doubt.”

Ted Cruz is going to bump heads with Jeb Bush in the next year, as the 2016 presidential run has officially begun.