3 Most Delicious Dishes From Etz Café Restaurant

JERUSALEM — The holy land of Jerusalem is home to some of the best culinary cuisines in the world. Countless middle eastern chefs have perfected the craft of their tasty food and now, Jerusalem is filled with vast amounts of wondrous restaurants.

One in particular, is called “Etz Café“. Etz Café opened on April 20th, 2013 and is currently run by Voice of Many Waters, a non-profit charity.

Enjoying your cup of Joe — alongside some incredibly delicious middle eastern plates — is definitely the way to go for any Jerusalem resident.

The restaurant serves Brazilian food, pizza, middle eastern, breakfast, brunch and of course, coffee. The restaurant whips up some of the tastiest middle eastern dishes that anyone can find in Jerusalem. If you happen to be in Israel, Etz Café is one of those restaurants that is a MUST to visit, especially since it has many top reviews on Trip Advisor.

Without question, here are the three tastiest finger-licking dishes from Etz Café:

3. “Cream of Salmon Pasta”


A great appetizer or entrée choice which will surely leave you craving for more! The dish includes Parmesan and pine nuts. It’s really good and is definitely a favorite on social media.

2. “Grilled Cheese Toast Salad”


No, this isn’t a dish for those who are on a diet. This dish is actually yummier than it looks. Melted grilled cheese, along with olives and bright red tomatoes, makes this one of the best salad dishes, hands down. Also, if you’re watching your calories or need something light and small to num on, then this is the perfect choice for you!

1. “Chocolate Pizza”


Mixing chocolate with the word “pizza” might sound a bit weird, but not in the way Etz Café mixes them. In fact, this yummy dish was named ‘one of the 20 best deserts in Israel’ by Israeli newspaper Haaretz. So, if you are planning to travel to Israel or end up there for some odd random reason, don’t think twice, this dish is another MUST try. It’s TO DIE FOR!