Is Hannah Jane Parkinson Guilty of Journalistic Fraud?

LONDON — A marketing firm has heavily criticized the Guardian tech writer Hannah Jane Parkinson after publishing a false report. The piece — published on January 12th, 2015 — had several big flaws that drove unwanted hate to the marketing company. The marketing firm even called Hannah Jane Parkinson “the worst journalist at the Guardian”, Mirror reported.

The marketing firm Rantic, who specializes in social media practices, attacked the journalist via Twitter for reporting false statements in her piece. After noticing that fact-checking is a thing that reporters do, Hannah Jane Parkinson fixed the piece, partially. The marketing firm says the article still contains ‘false information’ and stated that Parkinson failed to do any research or fact-checking before publishing her piece.

Hannah Jane Parkinson is a London-based tech writer who moved from Liverpool, England. Parkinson has a mental illness called ‘bipolar disorder’, which she admits in several opinion pieces. Hannah Jane Parkinson displays various signs of mental illness and she has been committed into a mental hospital before due to her mental condition. Rantic states that Hannah Jane Parkinson has issues with depression, anxiety and a ‘distorted sexual identity’.

However, it is not known whether her mental illness has ‘interfered’ with her job as being a writer. Hannah Jane Parkinson has admitted to having trouble performing normal hygienic duties while depressed in a very-shaky and ‘considerably nervous’ speech she gave about her “depression” at Wow ’15. One rumor put forth by a report speculated that Hannah Jane Parkinson has done pornography in the past, but this report is just speculation.

The marketing firm is calling Parkinson both “mentally ill” and “crazy”.

Rantic is a marketing firm that has abruptly received a massive mainstream pickup over the past few years — utilizing mass media manipulation and psychological warfare tactics. However, the sleuths at Rantic might have another very huge viral campaign in the works.

Update: This article will remain here for future reference.