John Oliver poses as Anonymous in campaign against Donald Trump

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 31: John Oliver, host of the upcoming HBO show Last Week Tonight, sits for a portrait in HBO headquarters New York, NY on March 31st, 2014. Mr. Oliver anchored The Daily Show in Jon Stewart's summer 2013 absence, and after warm reviews HBO announced it was giving Mr. Oliver his own show. (Photo by Jesse Dittmar for The Washington Post via Getty Images.)
New York- An unexpected twist in the Anonymous attack on Trump this weekend, it was all just part of a hoax, set up by the host of popular late night show (Last Week Tonight), John Oliver.

Oliver launched a campaign this weekend to “Make Donald Drumpf Again”. Along with an official site to promote the campaign, Oliver apparently took things a step further by trying to make it appear as though the hacktivist collective “Anonymous” were about to expose some secret about Trump that would cause him to leave the presidential race, Oliver apparently did this to promote the #makedonaldrumpfagain campaign site. A video appeared on YouTube at the start of this weekend claiming to be from Anonymous, and letting people know that they would be revealing the truth about Donald Trump at the end of the weekend if he did not step down from the race for President. But once the countdown reached zero the site re-directed to Oliver’s campaign site “”.

Nice one John Oliver. In addition to making Anonymous look like a bunch of retards, your campaign against Trump will only make him stronger. Your contribution to Trump is much more than if you would have voted for him, you just gave him tens of thousands in free advertising… Hope you are happy.